We think the results speak for themselves but our clients also have great things to say about our work:

“The guys at Credence Construction helped us finish a project that another contractor started and left unfinished.  Credence really knows how to get it done.”

-Evan Grimm
CEO/President, Bay National Title

“Credence used their relationships with a local engineer and the City to help me complete a critical project within the prescribed time frame.”

-Blake Whitney Thomson, Esq.
Managing Director, BLack Orchid Equity, LLC

“Working with Credence has helped my business and saved some of my clients time and money.”

-Steve Feise
Realtor, Keller-Williams St.Pete

“Working with Credence has been wonderful. They are great great communicators. They create a Critical Path for each job and drive that home to everyone involved in the project.  I wish more contractors were as nice to work with.”

-Dustin Rood
Principle, ARO Engineering