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In any building project, Success or failure can happen even before the contract is signed! Credence uses three key approaches to scope and define our projects. Build your trust with Credence, and let us help you identify the key metrics that will improve your likelihood of a successful construction project.


KSI’s and CSF’s

Proper Planning

Credence Construction knows the only way to increase the likelihood of achieving the desired result is to measure the critical elements that define success for any project. Credence Construction utilizes Key Success Indicators (KSI’s) to use predetermined Critical Success Factors (CSFs).

Why should you care if your contractor employs KSI’s?

KSI’s are leading indicators – as opposed to the traditional methods of gathering and analyzing data post hoc, which by their definition are historical or looking at the actions that have already occurred. By employing a defined set of leading indicators proven to result in a successful construction project, Credence Construction benefits from the achievements of the world’s leading construction project management research, techniques, benchmarks, and science.
The result is reduced risk in the following areas: Financial, performance, time and quality




The sequencing of a residential or commercial construction project can be challenging, but it is merely an exercise of mindful planning and thorough communication. Fulfilling our client’s needs is a priority at Credence Construction, practicing a collaborative approach engaging and educating our client.




Reach the Milestone that matters most – Completing the job.
Using our collaborative Communication Approach and employing Key Success Indicators allows Credence Construction to build on accelerated schedules. What we love about the industry is the challenge. If you have a project that others have turned down due to difficulty or the perceived lack of time, we want to talk to you. Bring us the impossible, time-constrained, challenging work. Credence Construction has EXPERIENCE in successfully planning and executing accelerated schedules with clients that have been faced with seemingly impossible timeframes to complete the improvements and open for business.






















































State of the Art


It isn’t just cool, it is essential to a job well done.
Credence Construction, we are proponents of applying new technologies to our business and documenting our clients’ work and future use. We recently adopted the use of 3D modelling software that allows the owner, architect, subcontractor, or other interested parties to view progress at each Milestone to completion without the need to travel to the job site physically.














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